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 Music & Videos 




This page has been created for the Tamil children around the world. These are the songs which were written by Tamil poets from our homeland and Tamilnadu. The songs Pavalakkodi,  Saainthaadamma and Kaththari Veruli were written nearly 75 years ago by Navaliyoor Somasunthara Pulavar and Bharathiyar and other songs such as Kopuram and Oonchal were written recently by Kavignar Thuraisingam. All the music were recorded at our budget home studio. Thanks to all children who participated to make this happen.


The original tune for some of the songs have been changed for a reason. For those who wants these songs such as Kaththari Veruli etc. in the original tune please keep revisiting this page. I realised the need of some visitor





Oonchal (Video in asf)

Navaliyoor Somasunthara Pulavar

Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiar 


Aadi Pirappu







Pavalakkodi (Video in asf)

Saainthaadamma (Video in asf)

Nilaa (Video in asf)

Kaththari Veruli

Murasu (Bharathiayar)

Pulli Pulli Maane (two songs)